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Ideal for all electronic music genres – especially dubstep, techno and ambient

Finding good synth sounds for NI Massive is not an easy task. I’ve spent hours trawling forums looking for solid packs of sounds to add to my collection.

Today I have for you a pack of sounds for NI Massive – 10 new sounds you can use right out the pack or manipulate using the macro controls i’ve set up for you to sculpt the sound to suit your production.

Here’s what you get in synth bank 004 – all ready to go to start producing with:

10 brand new sounds
All set up with macro controls on key elements
Suitable for all genres of electronic music
Use straight out the pack or use them as inspiration
This bank would be ideal for all electronic music genres – especially dubstep, techno and ambient.

In the example above each sound is separated by a clave so you can identify each patch. You can hear me tweaking the patches with the preset macro controls i have set up on each. This should give you an idea of how you can sculpt the sounds to suit your own music! Take a listen to the demo to hear the macro controls in action!


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