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Dubstep Shock

Dubstep Shock for NI Massive is premium soundset for any producer looking for current and unique Dubstep sounds.

Talking basses, huge modulating wobbles, thick pads and even some trap style leads help make up this set.

We’ve even included 20 high quality drum samples to go along with the 60 Massive presets.

Here’s everything included in the set:

20 Drum Samples

60 Massive presets
    10 Basses
    7 FX Sounds
    2 Keys
    12 Leads
    3 Pads
    1 Pluck
    25 Wobbles

Presets have anywhere from 4-8 macros assigned so you can tweak the wobbles, make them wobble faster or slower and get just the right sound for your songs.

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