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Club Arpeggiators & Sequences

Programmed to drop into any EDM song with just the touch of a key (seriously – the whole demo is just holding C for 4 bars!), the Club Arpeggiators & Sequences sound bank packs 50 ready to go patches.

Genre’s range from 90′s House to Moombahton (and everything in between) but a theme throughout is fast pace gated, arpeggiated, and gliding sounds.

Great sounds right out of the box – All demo tracks are played using one instance of Massive with a 4/4 kick and snare added for effect.

Sounds were all generated by holding C for 4 bars, no DAW automation or external effects were used.

Although the soundbank has fully programmed macro controls, none were touched in the demo to show the soundbank’s complexity.

Macro Controls – In addition to typical effects and cutoff macros, the Arp & Seq soundbank adjustments include pitch, sidechain, gate shape, and on/off knobs for multitrack patches.

The macros are programmed to allow real time manipulation and sound tweaking for builds and drops.

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